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Professional Development: Wanna Give Yourself a Raise?
Inside English, Spring 2015

English Instructor video podcasts

CATESOL NEWS, Spring 1999. "Games in the ESL Classroom."

New Times commentary, "Our Kingdom for a Bike" Jan. 14-21, 1999

CATESOL NEWS, Nov. 2006," Emphasizing Composition in ESL"

English Instructor videos

English 134 Newsletter
Cal Poly University, F2013

The Marble Faun website, Cal Poly University

English 513 Newsletter
Allan Hancock College, Sp 2014

Photograph #2 (Cal Poly's English Graduate Website)

Creating Internet-Based Content, Oct. 08
Los Padres CATESOL Conference (Power Point Presentation)

New Times article. "The Truth about Gun Control" May 2001

English Graduate Poster & Brochure, Cal Poly
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Photograph #3 (Cal Poly's English Graduate Website)

Cal Poly STC article, "Freelance Technical Writers."

Surfrider Foundation Art Benefit
Halderman Photograph used for an art image

Cuesta ESL Newsletter
Fall 2007

Halderman Faculty Page

Planning & Conservation League ZEV & Transportation News, "Why Don't You Bike It?"

Teaching in Japan (Cal Poly Alumni TESOL Experience)

The Pit-SLO Kickboxing
brochure, spring 09

Emerging Technologies in Education and Learning: Podcasting
CATESOL News, Fall 09

CATESOL Essay Contest Flyer, 2011

Going SLO photograph
SLOLife Magazine, December 2010

CATESOL Teacher Award flyer, 2012

CATESOL News Winter 2011, "Online Education Boon or Bane?"

Focus on Grammar
textbook review of Pearson Education

Cuesta ESL Newsletter
spring 2009

Assessing Student Evaluations: Where's the Rubric?
CATESOL News, Summer 2013

Halderman Photograph on College Site
College login portal site

Halderman Photograph used for a textbook
Fresh Voices supplemental support page

Alchemy of Attraction

Rising Tides Newsletter, spring 2016


Byzantium, Cal Poly University
fiction judge, 2015

The Effective Reader/Writer
textbook review for Pearson Education

Adjuncting: A Career Choice
Inside English, Spring 2017

Surfrider Foundation Newsletter, Winter 2000. Article

New Times article, "Web-vertising Our Breaks" Nov 25-Dec 2, 1999

New Times commentary. "Space, Sprawl, and SOAR" Dec 16-23, 1999

Rising Tides Newsletter, fall 2015

Weighing Student Evaluations: Rubric Anyone?
Inside English, Spring 2014

Halderman Photograph on College Site
College login portal site

 California Coast Language Academy
newsletter fall 2004

CATESOL NEWS, Summer 08, "More Edutainment, Please"

Inside English Journal, Fall 1999. "Another Pedagogical Tool."

Art About Town, San Luis Obispo, CA
Halderman Photographs displayed at Embassy Suites

The Tribune Newspaper viewpoint piece, February 1999

Halderman Photographs website

The Pit-SLO Kickboxing
newsletter fall 2007

Inside English Journal, volume 28 number 5 Fall 2002,
"The Parallels of ESL & Composition."

Real International Stories
an intermediate reading textbook


PELI Newsletter, Fall Term 1998

Photograph #1 (Cal Poly's English Graduate Website)

Cuesta ESL Newsletter
spring 2007

Irregular Past Tense
Power Point

Course Packet as a Primary Text: Benefits and Challenges
CATESOL News, Fall 12

Course Packet as a Primary Text, Aug. 09
Faculty Professional Development Day (Power Point Presentation)

Engaging Writing
textbook review for Pearson Longman

CATESOL News Fall 2011, "Mentorship: A Mentee's Quest"

Real Grammar
textbook review for Pearson Education

CATESOL Essay Contest flyer, 2012

Navigating the Mysterious 15%: Exploration or Confusion?
CATESOL News, Spring 2012

Teaching Beyond the Classroom: Using Blogs to Engage Students
CATESOL News, Winter 2012

Writing Power
textbook review for Pearson Education

English 103 Newsletter
Allan Hancock College, Summer 2014

McCall Fitness L-iquid Youth


Just a few of A. Halderman's writing, editing, and designing projects (currently under construction).

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Active and Passive Voice

These links will guide writers to professional sources, journals, editors, and ultimately to publishing.



Halderman Photographs

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