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After several years of teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), I've discovered students really enjoy reading true stories about "average" people and their unique experiences. I call these experiences “uniquely, common.” However, instead of using stories from newspapers, magazines, and other previously published material, I get my true stories straight from the source: the students, and on rare occasions from friends, family, and neighbors.

I regularly assign writing exercises in my classes. I believe one doesn’t need to be William Shakespeare or Stephen King to write. As a result, many of my students rise to the challenge and produce great work. I’ve been able to synthesize these two factors: the students’ interest in reading real international stories and the students themselves producing these compositions. Real International Stories has stories from such countries as Japan, Brazil, Spain, South Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Germany, the USA, etc.

The advantage of my text is that it sets an example for all students by encouraging them to write about what they know best: their own lives, or the lives of their friends and family. I have learned that a fundamental component of the writing process is providing a real audience. Real International Stories provides this fundamental component since most of the stories are “student-generated.” They read about their peers. Consequently, they then see that they too can produce great work! I can attest from first hand experience that unique stories about common people and average students provide very interesting and intriguing reading.

My aim is to make easy lesson plans with engaging stories. Real International Stories has a variety of exercises with each chapter: comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, discussion, and writing. Easily accessible, yet interesting stories creates Real International Stories.

Anthony M. Halderman
Real International Stories