Real International Stories by Anthony Halderman

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1) Victor is about ______.
taking a vacation
breaking up with a boyfriend
a boy in the hospital
becoming a doctor

2) Most of their time was spent _______.
visiting hospitals and talking to doctors
helping the nurses
studying medicine
watching movies

3) Victor actually became the first person she _____.
talked to at the hospital
took a vacation with
fell in love with
she the hospital with

4) She never knew if Victor ______.
bought her a gift
had the same feelings for her
had many friends
graduated from high school

5) The author learned that she needs ______.
eat healthy food and exercise
be more honest and open about her relationships
save money
to study more

6) My Children is about ______.
a mother losing two of her children
Mother's Day
Father's Day
traveling to Mexico

7) The police didn't do anything because _______.
the mother didn't have any money
the police were too busy
the mother didn't have enough information
no crime had been committed

8) The mother started to work and save money ______.
to buy a new car
to recover her children in Mexico
to buy a house
to take a vacation in Mexico

9) Her two children _______.
were good students in school
refused to go to California with their mother
traveled to California many times
had part-time jobs

10) God blessed the mother because _______.
she got married again
she reunited with her two children
she moved back to Mexico
she now has another daughter

11) Embarrassing Moment is about ________.
yelling at a friend
a car accident
grabbing the wrong bag
getting into the wrong car

12) ______ was her signal for me to find her car.
Honking three times
Flashing her car lights
Honking two times
Using her cell phone

13) At first she couldn't see the car _______.
through the bright sunlight
because it was too far away
because she wasn't wearing her glasses
through the fog and evening darkness

14) She jumped into the car and said, "______."
I'm hungry. Let's have dinner
Hi, why were you so late?
Whose car is this?
What happened?

15) The friend laughed so hard _______.
she cried
got lost
she couldn't tease anymore
couldn't drive her car




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