Real International Stories by Anthony Halderman

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1) A Cold, Wet Afternoon is about ______.
learning to sail boat
fishing in a lake
kayaking in California
learning to surf

2) The day started _______.
clear and calm with bright blue skies
late in the morning
with a few problems

3) The three men fish _____.
in a lake
in a river
near a kelp bed
far out on the open ocean

4) Scott was several meters off shore, seasick, and losing ______.
his fish
his sense of direction
his kayak
his memory

5) That day gave Scott ______.
a lot of fish
courage, determination, and persistence
a lot of kayaking exercise
a new career idea

6) A Girl I'll Never Forget is about ______.
two high schools students in Oaxaca
lost friendship
traveling in Mexico
giving a classmate a gift

7) As soon as she began attending his class, _______.
she started to get good grades
she made few friends
she got bad grades
she transferred to another school

8) One day Ana's close friend ______.
got very angry
told him that Ana really liked him
started to cry
got a good grade

9) Sometimes he caught Ana looking at him, and sometimes  _______.
he felt bad
Ana caught him looking at her
she just smiled
she gave him a gift

10) After the graduation ceremony, Ana _______.
had a big party
went back to her hometown
talked to her teacher
gave him a gift and started to cry

11) The Most Beautiful Trumpet Player is about ________.
playing the trumpet
traveling to many countries
elementary school days
a mysterious death of a teenager

12) Naoko was born in ______.
the USA

13) She was the best trumpet player _______.
in Washington
in her church
in her elementary school
in her middle school

14) Naoko died while ______.
playing the trumpet
driving to her friend's birthday party
going to school

15) The first words to escape Jesus' mouth were "_______."
I love you
Are you ready?
Let's go
Come with me




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