Real International Stories by Anthony Halderman

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1) An Adventurous Job is about ______.
going to a bookstore
learning new things
finding a job in Tokyo
teaching around the world

2) The information in the letter reads _______.
Thank you, but we can't offer you a job at this time
Congratulations! You have the job
Please apply again
Please fill out an application

3) The benefits of the JET Program are _____.
fun activities
meeting many international people
free air fare, a legal working permit, and housing
teaching English

4) Anthony gets an idea after seeing a book. He then ______.
flies to San Francisco
flies to Tokyo to look for a job by himself
studies martial arts
has international friends help him

5) Anthony learns______.
that studying English is important
sometimes bad news can be a blessing in disguise
how to write Japanese kanji
how to cook sushi

6) A Scary Night is about ______.
being robbed in Mexico
flying in an airplane
traveling to the airport
losing money

7) The flight from Los Angeles was _______.
easy and comfortable
fun and exciting
expensive and late

8) The author of this story was carrying ______.
many suitcases and travel bags
only a little money
some gifts for his family

9) As they drive home, _______.
they get a flat tire
three men in a car stop them
they have a car accident
they stop to eat

10) The three men in the car _______.
help them
ask for directions
drive them home
use a gun to take their money

11) Kamikaze Soldier is about _________.
the history of WWII
the Japanese navy
the military police
Abe's life

12) Abe's childhood was normal, ______.
but his young adult wasn't
and so was his adult life
but his senior citizen life wasn't
and so was his married life

13) Abe was drafted into the _______.
air force
American navy
Japanese navy

14) On September 2, 1945, something ______.
terrible happened. The Americans invaded
great happened. There was a treaty to end the war
sad happened. My friend died
lucky happened. I got a new job

15) After the war, Abe started to earn a lot of respect from_______.
the US army and the Japanese yakuza
his friends
his parents
his neighborhood




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