Real International Stories by Anthony Halderman

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1) My Saddest Day is about ______.
The Korean War
World War II
Vietnam War
World War III

2) The Paris Treaty in 1973 _______.
required the ally countries to leave
was about the French Revolutionary War
was signed soon after World War II
was about wine, cheese, and French bread

3) "Boat people" _____.
built many boats
worked on boats
floated to other Asian countries
sold boats to other countries

4) "Re-education camps" were ______.
summer camps
vacation resorts
special schools

5) The author is still wondering about something very important. ______.
What is the American lifestyle?"
"How can I help my people?"
"How can I get back to my country?"
"Will I find a job in Paris?"

6) The Happiest Gift is about ______.
a child in Germany
a wonderful Christmas gift
a fun day at school
playing with many friends

7) The author's house always felt _______.
sad and lonely
haunted by ghosts

8) One night she ______ .
ate a lot of ice cream
went to sleep and had a nice dream
cried a lot
had a fight with her parents

9) She had a(n) _______.
nice summer
wonderful birthday
fun school experience
exciting sports victory

10) The author's best friend was a(n) _______.
neighborhood friend
her sister

11) American Food: Is it Delicious? is about _______.
growing food
painting food
American supermarkets
the artificial taste and texture of American food

12) Many problems, which are serious in other countries, are ______ in the USA.

13) To the eye, everything is very _______.

14) It's like the apples are ______.
home grown
painted with beautiful, red, plastic paint
very expensive
always natural

15) While we gain something with technology, we _______.
lose another
gain even more
gain nothing
improve our lives







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