Real International Stories by Anthony Halderman

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1) My Mother is about a woman in ______.
the kitchen
South Korea
the USA

2) According to the mother, _______ is more important than education.
spirit and love from the bottom of one's heart
cooking delicious food
finding a good husband or wife
having a family

3) The author's father got a concubine (girlfriend) because _____.
he likes women
he likes dancing
he wanted a son
he had a lot of money

4) Her mother was lonely, ______.
so she got a job
but she never complained
so she found a new husband
but she was still happy cooking

5) The author will ______.
talk about her mother
remember her mother's passion and practice those qualities
help her parents get back together
go back to South Korea

6) Run-Away Marriage is about ______.
teenagers in Argentina
getting married in Las Vegas
families that are fighting
a pregnant girlfriend

7) Susana's father was really angry because _______.
Susana came home late
Susana didn't clean her room
she got a poor grade on her test
she wakes up late every morning

8) Susana climbed ______.
up a tree
out of her bedroom window
up a mountain
out of the kitchen window

9) After they got together, his life changed a lot because he _______.
got a job
stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking
had more free time
quit school

10) It took a while for both their parents to _______.
have dinner together
agree with their lifestyle
listen to their kind of music
accept their marriage

11) The Mysterious Man is about ________.
buying roses
going to the movies
a classmate
meeting a man at a music concert

12) A deep voice said to Regina, "______."
let's dance
buy me a rose
let's have dinner
do you like this music band

13) Sometimes he held her hand. Sometimes he _______.
played the guitar
danced by himself
sat in a chair
sang songs in her ear

14) After they said good bye to each other, he said, "______."
what's your phone number?
please don't ever forget about me
will I see you again?
I'll see you next Saturday

15) Someday Regina hopes to _______.
find him again
buy more roses
to redecorate her room
go to another concert







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