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Dear Sponsor,

Cuesta College would like to include you in a very worthy project. English as a Second Language (ESL) students are often from financially humble and modest backgrounds. Consequently, studying English at a college may prove exceptionally challenging. With the help of Cuesta College, Anthony and Maureen Halderman have established an award aimed to help financially needy ESL students.

The ESL Halderman Award provides $125 each for two ESL students to assist them with books and school expenses. With our personal gift and with the help of others, we plan to build this fund to a sufficient level that we can give these awards annually. Recipients who satisfy established criteria will be selected for the ESL Halderman Award by a three-member college committee. 

We are asking you to join us in this project with your tax-deductible donation to the Cuesta College Foundation (a 501(3) non-profit corporation) to the ESL Halderman Award.  

Your wonderful assistance will be acknowledged publicly in college publications. In addition, the ESL newsletter may also print the names of sponsors. We will add your name to our newsletter mailing list. All of these publications are distributed throughout San Luis Obispo County. Furthermore, Anthony Halderman’s web site will also acknowledge all sponsors. From time to time, you may receive letters from recipients, providing you with the opportunity to follow their educational progress.  

We hope you consider contributing to this worthy award. ESL students at Cuesta College will be very appreciative. You can click here for the the application onilne. For more information, please contact the Cuesta College Foundation at (805) 546-3279 or Anthony Halderman at 546-3100. 

Anthony Halderman

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